Welcome to Pretty Happy

I’m so excited to launch this platform and build a community of like-minded people, who share my passion for authentic joy, sustainability, minimalism, slow living and so much more. All related to our and the planets happiness, health and overall well-being. All in all, a more simplistic, minimalistic lifestyle, without too much mental or psychical clutter.

My background

I would actually describe myself as a recovering shopaholic and I’m still quite a make-up lover, being that I’m also a certified make-up artist and multimedia designer (who loves to draw and create art). I’m also a former musician. Today, I’ve reached a new level of awareness, thanks to countless books, speeches and documentaries.

My wish

I’m now fuelled by the idea of discovering and supporting brands, that practice ethical manufacturing and who create more eco-friendly solutions, to the every day products we’re mainly familiar with in the mainstream today. My wish is to see more socially conscious brands.

My Goal

My goal is to lower the obsession with beauty and having it be what defines our value as women, and as the main thing that society thinks we can contribute with. But rather to empower women and focus on the strengths we have that truly matter. And focus on how we also bring real value to the world.

An Invitation

So I invite you to come along on this journey with me, as I discover new information. Together on this platform, we will learn more about sustainability and how we can all contribute to helping the state of our environment. Because none of us can do it alone.

A promise

However, each of us can still make a big difference, by making relatively simple and easy changes to our lifestyle and our consumer habits. We just have to care enough to make the commitment to each other, and to future generations.

Your input

I hope you will enjoy reading along, as I share my growing knowledge about these topics with you, and that you in return will enlighten me, as to how you think we can all contribute to taking better care of our planet, each other and ourselves.

Much love,


Btw.: I would love to know more about you as a reader! So if you feel like it, please do leave a little comment below, just saying ‘hi’ and write a little something about yourself:)

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    December 25, 2017 at 12:19 am

    I think you are the best. Thank you for your tips.

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      January 8, 2018 at 12:55 pm

      Thank you so much, Nathalie. Means the world to me:)

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